E-commerce Platforms Boosting

E-Commerce is the industry with the highest growth and brightest prospect currently in India. It is supposed to touch 100 billion $ mark by 2020 in comparison to offline retail 850 billion $. While in 2011 E-Commerce total worth was only 6 billion $ compared to 470 billion $ of retail market worth. One can easily deduce that very soon E-Commerce is going to form a very substantial selling channel for India. According to various studies, Indian E-Commerce growth is highest in complete of Asia pacific region and coupled with growing internet users, this number is likely going to remain highest.

So if you are looking for the next stage to unleash your business, it has to be E-Commerce. In India there are various E-Commerce platforms primarily consisting of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Shopclues, Voonik. Sellers or vendors out here generally suffer problems

  1. Low volume of orders:- Due to low or poor visibility of their products
  2. Hiring of staff:- You have to hire a team for operation, promotions and other activities
  3. Management/Hiring Issues:- If an important team member of your suddenly quits what then ?
  4. Lack of Proper Guidance from Platforms:- No or less intimation on how can a seller use their platforms in the most efficient ways.
  5. Increasing Competition :- More and more sellers come for same categories, how to fight off them and win

Seller Solution helps you not only in fighting and winning these situations but also in boosting your sales to attain record numbers for your business. Our team has worked closely with these platforms and monitored minutely their way of working and have constructed a blue print which is in sync with their policies and guidelines. With relevant tweaks to one’s model it can be applied easily and results in numbers in no time !!!

Moreover we believe in delivering in services, thereby you do not pay as any kind of advance for our services except for the token amount, which is needed to initiate the project.
If you are serious about E-commerce and expansion of your business, we are the partners you have been looking for, we are tech, we are hungry and we are young and we never take NO for an answer.

If you read all this, then Let’s have a Chai soon and start taking your business to the next level !!