Digital Media Buying

Digital Media Buying is the process of planning, negotiating and purchasing ad placements or Inventory to provide with optimized results and campaign goals. This is the most crucial step in a digital media campaign. Seller Solution helps you in the complete cycle from Step A which is to strategize and Step Z which is the penultimate result

This is how it works

  1. Identifying target audience and how does it affect them when we change our working/promotions
  2. Bifurcation or Segregation of guaranteed inventory to non-guaranteed on the basis of Budget and Results
  1. For guaranteed inventory the kind of results or impressions are identified or established, that yes you will be getting these kind of results
  2. For non- guaranteed inventory a team has to be put 24*7 round the clock to optimize the results for the budgets you are employing
  1. We track the complete campaign and provide timely reports to showcase you the results and also suggestions on how can we edit better and make results much better

On the basis of the same we guarantee you that, seller solution will provide you the results which you are looking for.